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Nursing Laboratory Coordinator Personnel (Temp PT)

locationUnited States
PublishedPublished: 12/11/2023
Part Time

Nursing Laboratory Coordinator Personnel (Temp PT)

Position Title: Nursing Laboratory Coordinator Personnel (Temp PT)

Department: Nursing

Campus: Allegheny Campus

Additional Information:

Work Hours (for hourly positions): Varies Maximum 25 hours per week

Salary: $40.95/hr.

Job Category: Faculty/Counselor/Librarian/Ed Tech/Academic Advisor

Employment Type: Temporary Part-Time

Job Slot: N/A

Job Open Date: 12/8/2023

Job Close Date:

General Summary: Maintain operations of a Nursing laboratory to meet the general and individual needs of students related to enhancing skill competence.

1. R.N. with current PA Licensure 2. Minimum of two years recent nursing clinical experience3. MSN Required4. Understand and support the philosophy of associate degree education5. Proficient technical skills including critical care and telemetry competencies6. Simulation experience 7. Must possess skills and ability to operate basic audio-visual equipment8. Must possess skills and ability to communicate effectively with students and staff9. Critical care experience preferred


1. Communicate with the Department Head and Course Facilitator (s) in implementing roles and responsibilities.
2. Course Lab Responsibilitiesa. Clarify with Course Facilitator and lab adjunct faculty teaching skills to be practiced and set up a schedule for the semester.b. Set up of student laboratories for each course/date/time as per course needs. Support primary instructor as needed during scheduled labs.c. Assist with critical skill testing in coordination with primary lab instructor/facilitator of course.3. Open Skills Lab a. Tutoring of students in lab skills including scheduled tutoring and walk-in tutoring. b. Provide clinical remediation's based on written remediation form(s) sent from the clinical instructor. Provide feedback to the clinical instructor as appropriate and document remediation completion on remediation form.c. Work with instructor to assist as needed with lab skills missed by the student. Monitor students' practice of skills during non-required lab hours.4. Coordination of Tutor/Lab instructor Hoursa. Coordinate & maintain the monthly schedule of tutors/lab instructor. b. Posting of Open Skill Lab Hours and Tutor hours. c. Collect data of tutor usage as per department need.5. Simulationa. Maintain expertise in simulation and perform Handler role in course simulations.b. Set up and take down of Simman for scheduled course simulations.c. Assist with education of adjunct/FT faculty on equipment used in lab.d.Work directly with Laerdal to maintain equipment. Coordinate updates, repairs and service of equipment.e. Act as Handler in scheduled simulations.6. Discuss individual student learning needs with the faculty.7. Maintain records of attendance in the Open Skills Laboratory.8. Maintain an inventory of equipment and supplies. a. Maintain organization of and list of supplies for all scheduled labs and practice lab. b. Maintain the lab inventory list including:i. Inventory list for each lab bin that includes item, level , # used, # to reorder, order information (company/reorder #)ii. Inventory list for surplus supplies in storage c. Inventory and determine supply order needs for department order. Submit order to DepartmentHead for approval and processing. Large order for fall semester to be processed April. Large order for spring semester to be processed in November.d. Work with Linen Care Company to ensure adequate and clean linen supplies. (Suspend linen service from April ? August)9. Ensure security of equipment and supplies. 10. Review equipment and seek Department Head's input on needed supplies.11. Follow faculty directed strategies appropriate for skill development.12. Provide weekly schedule of days/hours to students, faculty, course facilitator, and department head.13. Maintain a safe environment to practice nursing procedures.a. Maintain a medical aseptic atmosphere.b. Monitor all equipment, keep it clean and workable; provide a schedule when regular housecleaning of the laboratory can be done.14. Monitor all maintenance as necessary to provide a safe environment.15. Waste Managementa. Maintain MSDS binders and care for hazardous waste disposal as per CCAC procedures.b. Disposal of sharps containers as per CCAC safety procedure.16. ATI Collaboration 17. Work Studies (if available)18. General Responsibilitiesa. Prepare/coordinate the weekly education board for freshman/senior labs that emphasize weekly content in coordination with tutors as time permits.b. Maintain the Bulletin Board located outside Lab room(s).c. Attend nursing department monthly meeting (Campus specified as per Department Head).d. Coordinate monthly Lab staff personnel with Nursing Department Head.19. Ensure all rooms are locked/equipment secured when no one is in rooms.20. All other duties as requested by Department Head or Dean of Nursing.

Clearances: Current criminal record/child abuse clearances will be required if offered the position and in order to be employed at the College. The three clearances are Pennsylvania Child Abuse History Clearance, Pennsylvania State Police Criminal Records Check, and Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) Criminal Background Check. The College has provided instructions on how to obtain these clearances and are available here.

To view the full job posting and apply for this position, go to: https://ccac.csod.com/ats/careersite/JobDetails.aspx?id=1415